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Hammel It Is…

Joe Maddon finally has revealed what he is going to do when Kazmir comes back.  Jason Hammel will be moving to the pen.  The move to keep him on the big league club was because Al Reyes will be staying on the DL for a little bit longer and Gary Glover will be going on to the DL with shoulder tendonitits.  Glover will be the eleventh player placed on the DL this season. 

Kazmir is finally coming back making the Rays rotation into a immediatly more dangerous one.  I can’t wait.  Here is what the Rays rotation looks like now…

  1. Scott Kazmir
  2. James Shields
  3. Matt Garza
  4. Andy Sonnanstine
  5. Edwin Jackson

Correct me if I’m wrong but this potentially could be the best starting rotation we have had ever! 

GO Rays!!!




New Ballpark

 I don’t know if anyone has heard but the Rays have only the voters of St. Pete to get their new state of the art ballpark.  Being from the Bay Area I have always wanted the Rays to play outdoors and now it is almost a reality.  Potentially opening in 2012, I will be back in the area and WILL have season tickets.   Not saying that if I wasn’t there now I wouldn’t, but I love baseball in it’s purest form.  On real grass, a view of the sky, and most importantly the sunshine. 

Some questions have been floating around about if an outdoor stadium is right for the Bay Area and the Rays.  I say, look at Steinbrenner Field (formally Legends Field) home of the Tampa Yankees (Single A farm team affiliated with the New York Yankees), they have an awesome atmosphere at the ballpark and weather has really never been an issue.  I like the proposed idea of a “sail” retractable roof and the view of the bay from the seats.  The potential homerun ball landing in the bay is intriguing also.  I just love that the Rays are hopefully getting out of the Trop to a beautiful new ballpark.

Honestly,  I just wish I could be there for opening day…

Go Rays!!!