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New Ballpark

 I don’t know if anyone has heard but the Rays have only the voters of St. Pete to get their new state of the art ballpark.  Being from the Bay Area I have always wanted the Rays to play outdoors and now it is almost a reality.  Potentially opening in 2012, I will be back in the area and WILL have season tickets.   Not saying that if I wasn’t there now I wouldn’t, but I love baseball in it’s purest form.  On real grass, a view of the sky, and most importantly the sunshine. 

Some questions have been floating around about if an outdoor stadium is right for the Bay Area and the Rays.  I say, look at Steinbrenner Field (formally Legends Field) home of the Tampa Yankees (Single A farm team affiliated with the New York Yankees), they have an awesome atmosphere at the ballpark and weather has really never been an issue.  I like the proposed idea of a “sail” retractable roof and the view of the bay from the seats.  The potential homerun ball landing in the bay is intriguing also.  I just love that the Rays are hopefully getting out of the Trop to a beautiful new ballpark.

Honestly,  I just wish I could be there for opening day…

Go Rays!!!