Off Days…

Today is a down day for more than half of the teams in baseball and worse it is a down day for the Rays.  I have to get my Rays fix because a game is not on, so I wait for something, anything. 

I got my fix when I was watching Sportscenter and the Diamond Cuts feature with Buster Olney came on…  He was basically asked what he thought of the O’s and Rays being at the top of the AL East and who would last.  I was pleasently surprised to hear that he believes evanlongoria.jpgthat the Rays have what it takes to stay competitive with the Yanks and Red Sox.  The pitching staff and good postion players to hang on and at least compete for the rest of the season.  I am siked,  when Buster Olney says the Rays have what it takes it has to be true, right? 

With Evan Longoria, Carl Crawford, Carlos Pena, BJ Upton, Kaz (when he comes back), ok I could name the rest of the team on this one, I don’t see any reason (other than becoming complacient or a sudden loss of a key arm in the bullpen) the Rays can’t at least finish the season over .500.  This could be the year…


GO Rays!!!



One comment


    Right Corre – I was surfing the tube last night looking for
    tidbits on the Rays too…and catching a little of the Yanks
    game. What’s up with the bleach blond beach boy look
    for A-Rod?

    Psyched up for tonites game with the O’s…I hope Hammel
    can shut down Aubrey Huff. He’s been killing ’em.

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