Kaz Coming Back…

Kazmir.jpgThe staff ace of the Rays, Scott Kazmir, pitched today for the Durham Bulls in a Minor League game against the Richmond Braves before potentially taking the mound for the Tampa Bay Rays on Sunday against the Red Sox.  Throwing 81 pitches, 50 for strikes, in five innings and only allowing one run on a home run by Diory Henderson in the third inning, Kazmir looks set to face the Red Sox.   We all know that stats for pitchers rehabing in the minors don’t mean much, but only allowing three hits and one walk while striking out three is decent no matter what level your at.  I am really looking forward to his return to the Rays. 

Now this raises the very tough question of…  Who will the Rays take out of the rotation in order to put Kaz in?   With all of the other starters making quality starts and the bullpen holding their own,  it is anyones guess as to who the Rays will send down to the Minors.  And after being asked the question if Maddon would go to a six man rotation, Maddon flatly told reporters that they won’t.   This is definitly not a bad problem to have, having to many good starters but it is a problem none the less.  I think that the stats of all of the starters make it too tough a call purely from a stats stand point, so I believe Maddon is going to have to go with his gut on this one.  I mean I don’t want our starters to have rough outings or anything but over the course of the next couple of games I think that is what Maddon is going to have to look at.  

Either way….  GO Rays!



  1. info@riderseye.com

    Garza would be the one….has not shown much this season so far. Competition at the pitching level has got to make for
    an interesting year in the bullpen this year.

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