6 Game Winning Streak!!!

TampaRays.jpgWell, a six game winning streak, phenomenal pitching from starters and the pen, run support, as a fan I can’t ask for more.   What is even better is that Ray’s starters have won four of the six games, which means the Rays are getting run support….  And…   Alright, I’m gonna slow down.

To start off, starting pitching has had one of the best stretches for the Rays since I can remember.  Let me throw some numbers at you: 12 runs, 15 walks, 28 hits, and 22 strikeouts in the 40.1 combined innings pitched.  I don’t know about you but for me that is compareable with some of the best teams in baseball over the past six games.  It has also propelled the Rays into a three way tie with the Red Sox (whom the Rays just swept in their past three game series) and Orioles (who they will be starting off a nine game road trip with on Tuesday).  

The Rays hitters have also been helping out their starters by giving them just enough run support.  They have collectively contributed 18 runs when their starters went on to get the win.  The team batting average was less than spectacular at .255 but taking under consideration some of the opposing pitching (Litsch, Halladay, Wakefield, Buchholz, and Beckett) they have faced, two of which are the staff Aces and one a future Ace, the Rays hitters did what they had to do.   

I think that got the whole thing started was the trip to Disney’s World Wide of Sports complex where they are yet to lose.  This winning streak has people talking and hopefully the Rays can keep the ball rolling.  Or should I say flying…



One comment

  1. the 6-4-3

    I love that they didn’t just get lucky and win, they won by playing good ball, you know? Pitching was good, clutch hitting was good, and the defense was good!
    GO RAYS!

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